How to clean hair from paint

How to clean hair from paint

The result of unsuccessful coloring can spoil mood for a long time, especially if you used resistant medicine. It is possible to wash away color in house conditions and available means a little. If you want to return as soon as possible initial tone to hair, address to beauty shop.

It is required to you

  • - honey;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - fermented milk products;
  • - olive oil.


  1. Professional medicine will help to eliminate consequences of unsuccessful coloring. It is extremely undesirable to use it in house conditions therefore address to hairdressing salon. The master will carry out washing of paint from your hair. If curls are weakened, it is impossible to carry out such procedure, it will injure them even more.
  2. In house conditions it is possible to wash away paint by means of oils. Will be suitable for this purpose olive, burdock or castoric. Warm up oil in the enameled capacity, add tablespoon of lemon juice and mix. Apply structure on hair and leave for couple of hours. From above cover with cellophane to achieve the maximum effect. From the first do not wait that the tone will strongly change, it is necessary to carry out the similar procedure daily or every other day for week. Harm from oil mask will not be, it is rather on the contrary, curls will be recovered.
  3. You apply on hair fermented milk products, for example, kefir or sour cream. They contain natural acids which split pigment. You hold mask about 3-4 hours, then carefully wash out curls and rinse with the acidified water (2 tablespoons of lemon juice on liquid liter).
  4. If you have not sensitive skin and there is no allergy to citrus and honey, soak hair with lemon juice. Do it 2 times a week, but is not more often. Later you apply liquid honey on hair, wrap the head in film and warm towel. You hold mask of 6-8 hours, then wash away under flowing water. Through several procedures color will be washed away.
  5. Do not use solvents for washing of color. They are suitable only for removal of enamel paints from hair which have got on them during repair of the room. If you have faced this problem, impregnate cotton pad in gasoline or kerosene and accurately purify paint. If there was pigment, use any of above-mentioned ways, for example, make honey mask.

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