How to clean light skin

How to clean light skin

Light skin especially whimsical and gentle. It should be taken into account also the fact that on light skin all shortcomings, even the slightest reddening are visible. If the nature has not awarded you ideally pure leather, take some advice.


1. Daily leaving – pledge of healthy and beautiful skin. Consult with the experienced cosmetologist, he not only will pick up to you professional tools for skin care, but also will prompt several small cunnings on their use.

2. Day clarification of skin. Washing, very important and significant ritual. Remember, washing under warm flowing water with soap use will not be suitable for light skin. From it your skin will become drier and angry. Try to wash mineral or boiled water with lemon juice addition. Already through 2-3 applications you will feel difference.

3. Evening clarification. The dirt which has collected for the whole day, decorative and cosmetics demand thorough clarification. Do not forget, in the evening, also as well as in the morning, for washing it is the best of all to use mineral water. The only difference, before washing, you can use special make-up remover milk. So you with ease purify the skin. Use of the cleaning means will be the next stage. They are applied to more deeply impact on skin, by clarifications of time. It is very important stage if time becomes soiled, inflammation is formed. Skins, influence much more softly leather, than gels and tonics so for light skin, this excellent decision.

4. Deep cleansing. 1-2 times a month, it is necessary to carry out the procedure more deeply of action. Depending on condition of your skin, define necessary session of deep cleaning. It can be srub, gommage or mechanical cleaning. The srub – will help to get rid of the coarsened sites of skin, thanks to influence of fine particles. The gommage – perfectly is suitable for light, sensitive skin. Cream mask on the basis of mineral fillers, fats, wax and clay, for a long time will save you from undesirable heat-spots. Manual or mechanical cleaning. This procedure is widely used both in beauty shops, and in house conditions. If you have not enough experience in this question, address the specialist cosmetologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team