How to collect hair in ""violence of braids""

How to collect hair in ""violence of braids""

Every time to visit salon before important action or special case it can be quite expensive and not give pleasure. It is possible to do with ease beautiful hair in house conditions. One of such hairstyles is ""Violence of braids"".

It is required to you

  • - elastic bands
  • - hairspray
  • - clip


  1. For a start hair it is necessary to wash up and dry up phenom straightening them. Then collect them above and fix by clip. Further take locks of hair at the left and to the right of forehead over eyebrows, having made ""horse tail"", and record elastic band.
  2. Make four more ""horse tail"" of identical locks and arrange them to the vertical line the friend under the friend at identical distance.
  3. ""Horse tail"" begin to braid Nizhny Novgorod in braid.
  4. Through each two weaving release lock from braid to give to hairstyle a little uncombed look.
  5. In the same way braid the second ""horse tail"" from below.
  6. ""Horse tail"" from below divide the third into two parts and braid everyone in braid similarly releasing locks of hair through each two weaving. Two remained ""horse tail"" braid in the same way.
  7. Remove clip from upper part of hair and divide hair into two parts: front and back. Then, begin to braid back part in braid. Through each two weaving release lock.
  8. Similarly braid front part of hair.
  9. Lay the front braid braided in step 9 back to the right and fix on nape over the first ""horse tail"" braided in braid.
  10. Lay similarly back braid forward on the left and fix over the first ""horse tail"" braided in braid.
  11. Stack braids ancome on the left and again back. Record them so that each subsequent braid was located over the previous braid. Thus at us the hairstyle ""violence of braids will turn out.""

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team