How to collect long hair

How to collect long hair

Long hair - first of all, it is very beautiful and attractive. But to put them in order very difficult. Especially, if near at hand only hairbrush, elastic bands and hairpins.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush, three elastic bands, invisible beings


  1. Separate the big triangular lock allocated with hair partings from forehead to the top. Record it elastic band.
  2. Allocate other triangular lock: from ear and forehead to the top. Braid triple braid, interweaving into it locks, beginning from the top. Weaving from left to right. Strongly do not tighten braid. The crest around the head will turn out. Fix by elastic band.
  3. The following triangular lock undertakes: at the left behind ear. The French braid trudges (interweaving locks on both sides). Is fixed by elastic band.
  4. You pass to upper lock. Allocate lock on the top, and do plait, interweaving locks on the one hand. Fix by elastic band.
  5. As a result three braids have turned out. Fluff up the lower and average braids on all head from all directions.
  6. average braids tail to fix on upper triangle. To fix tail of the lower braid on fastening of the second braid by invisible beings.
  7. From upper braid you will extend one lower lock. Then you will extend braid basis locks up, shade them back and record by means of varnish. Disguise tail of upper braid invisible beings.
  8. Record hairstyle varnish. You can fix on it flowers both live, and artificial or beautiful hairpins. It is possible to interweave ribbons into braids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team