How to comb bang

How to comb bang

The fashion has property to return. Good old piles on bang straight from the ninetieth come back to today's trend. In general, the bang can cardinally change any hairstyle. Having worked over it, it is possible not only to come under the spotlight at party, but also to look younger. The infinite number of options of laying gives reason for experiments with the image. Hair most of all are exposed to various modifications - coloring, laying, varnish, straightening or wave. The pile most all injures hair. And therefore that it did not occur, it is important to conform to the simple rules.

It is required to you

  • - hairspray or gel for laying;
  • - hairbrush.


  1. Before doing pile, you need to wash up hair. Then carefully comb and dry up their phenom or just wait for full drying. Do not do pile on yesterday's laying at all, it can seriously injure hair, make them fragile and lifeless.
  2. Choose small lock of hair on bang. Pull it, holding with fingers for tips. And slowly, hairbrush with frequent teeth, from top to down comb.
  3. It is necessary to comb only from top to down, every time taking out hairbrush from lock. Do not do sharp movements because the hairbrush can get confused in hair, at the same time confusing hair.
  4. In the same way comb all subsequent locks on your bang, stacking them as it is pleasant to you. Remember that it is necessary to comb gradually, taking small locks. Otherwise you can confuse hair, or your laying will keep not for long.
  5. In order that the bang has just a little risen and has got the volume necessary to you, comb it only from the inside by the same principle.
  6. That the bang kept as much as possible time, will sprinkle it hairspray or before pile process it special gel for laying. Before varnish dries, give it the necessary form.
  7. At will add your hairstyle with accessories: tapes, hairpins, rims. It will give yours to hairstyle certain highlight.
  8. Remember that at any laying the hair have severe stress therefore before going to bed wash away all means for fixing and at least once in week do masks or wash them with various infusions, for example, from nettle. It will help to keep to hair health.
  9. Correctly combed bang will create image necessary to you. You can become anyone, from the vamp to the innocent angel. Be not afraid to change, experiment and surprise the people surrounding you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team