How to cook rice for diet

How to cook rice for diet

possesses not only great nutritious properties, but also perfectly is suitable for clarification of organism from excess salts and slags. That in preparation time this product has not lost the useful qualities, it is important to know how it is correct to train him.


  1. For fast clarification of organism you need glass of boiled rice which you will have to eat throughout the day. Make rice in the form of garnish at the rate of 1 glass of rice on 2 glasses of water. Add rice to the boiling added some salt water, mix and you cook 20 minutes. The dish has to be friable. That rice when cooking did not stick together, add to water of a little vegetable oil. By the way, if you use the steamed rice, then it not only will not stick together, but also will present to organism all necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals which to contain in rice cover. Such diet lasts three days then it is possible to switch over to habitual diet.
  2. To clean organism it is not obligatory to cook rice at all. The less you process grain, the receive more useful substances. Take 4 tall glasses and fill in in one of them 2 tablespoons of the washed-out rice 200 gr waters. Next day change in it water and add as much some rice and water to the second glass. Next day change water in the first and in the second glass and fill in rice in the third. The same needs to be done next day. So, at you 4 glasses have turned out. For the fifth day fill in rice from the first glass with boiled water and eat contents. Arrive also with other glasses, but as daily sequence.
  3. As light breakfast make rice with dried apricots and prunes. Fry separately from each other small chopped onions and carrots. Lay out in stewpan at first onions, then carrots, add some parsley, season curry. Then lay out round rice and fill in all with water so that it covered rice on 1-2 cm. When water begins to begin to boil and evaporate, add prunes and dried apricots and you cook to readiness. Pluses of this dish are that water in which rice cooks does not need to be merged – it is evaporated in the course of preparation. And it means that the majority of useful properties will be kept.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team