How to correct bearing

How to correct bearing

The slim and beautiful silhouette always draws attention. Stately gait and direct bearing – guarantee of self-confidence. To get rid of stoop – task quite feasible. Carry out necessary exercises, you watch yourself, and you will see result already soon.


1. It is necessary to do exercises constantly. Only this way you will be able to achieve the done result. Otherwise problems will return to you through some time, and all efforts done earlier again will be vain. It is worth beginning with breathing exercises. Lay down on back and bend legs in knees. Put one hand on stomach, another – on breast. Breathe at first stomach, record breath and exhalation, having held the breath for several seconds. After that breathe breast. On exhalation part hands in the parties, and on breath clasp thorax with hands. The correct breath is first step on the way to direct bearing.

2. Execute the following exercise. You need the bag filled with sand. Be weight it owes no more than 1 kg. Put sack on the head and be driven by back into the corner. Your hands have to be strictly extended on seams. The back has to be straight line. Postoyte is so about 5 minutes. Afterwards increase time. Carry out this exercise every day. it will allow you to record position of back.

3. To strengthen bearing it is necessary to train muscles of press and back. Lay down on stomach, then tear off legs, hands and the head from floor. Record situation for several seconds, then again repeat most too. This exercise will allow you to strengthen belly muscles. Lay down on back and bend legs in knees, at the same time foot have to be on floor. Extend hands along trunk. Then lift and lower basin, without tearing off at the same time hands from floor. When you sit at table, try to keep direct bearing. You sit not on full chair and for convenience of hand you hold on table. In waist you have to have small deflection forward. First it is very heavy. But later, when your muscles will get used, it will become easier, and the bearing will be straight line.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team