How to correct shape of eyebrows

How to correct shape of eyebrows

Having changed only shape of eyebrows, it is possible to make the person much more expressive. There are several ways to correct shape of eyebrows – from lungs to radical.


1. If you have dense eyebrows, they can be pulled out independently by means of tweezers. Take pencil, put it on the line from nose wing to internal corner of eye, and then – to external. Thus you receive two points – the beginning and the end of eyebrow. It is not necessary to pull out hairs through growth of eyebrow and above it – be limited to those that grow under eyebrow. It is necessary to pull out hairs by means of clean tweezers, at bright lighting, better before going to bed or at least for one or two hours to exit from the house that the area around eyebrows did not swell. To reduce pain, put cold compress on eyebrow. After plucking out wipe skin with spirit tonic. Surely take away hairs from nose bridge – accrete eyebrows age the person. Never shave off hairs.

2. If eyebrows at you thin and rare, them it is possible to add special pencil. Well perfect it, you put short thin strokes, and then shade them Q-tip. Blondes and brown-haired women will suit pencils of different shades of brown and gray colors, brunettes can only use black pencil for eyebrows.

3. Recently the permanent make-up of eyebrows became popular. In effect, it is the tattoo imitating the real eyebrows, it is carried out in specialized salons. The permanent make-up keeps much longer than any other type of correction of eyebrows – several years. If such radical method guards you, it is possible to use chemical coloring of eyebrows of the house or in beauty shop. Dyes for eyebrows stick on average to about a month. You should not paint eyebrows the same paint which you dye hair – first, the risk of skin reaction is high, secondly, color on hair and on eyebrows can look differently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team