How to cover nails with biogel

How to cover nails with biogel

The increasing popularity is gained by covering of nails biogel – substance which not only decorates nails, but also strengthens them. Usually such procedure is carried out by the master of manicure salon. However this rather expensive pleasure. Try to master cunnings of biogel manicure independently.

It is required to you

  • Biogel
  • Means for cut or not cut manicure
  • Primer or liquid with vitamins and protein
  • The degreasing means (alcohol)
  • Ultra-violet lamp for drying of nails
  • Glossy varnish
  • Liquid for removal of varnish without acetone
  • Olive oil


1. Think, whether you should cover nails biogel? This liquid means which is recommended to be applied on live nails of short or average length. It is possible pogryt biogel the pasted tipsa (artificial plates). And here for long nails (especially if they are bent inside) it is not recommended to use biogel building and strengthening - means will badly keep.

2. Prepare nail for putting biogel. Straighten them, file, having given the required form. Shift cuticle stick for manicure down and polish nail plate with soft nail file for polish (nail buffer). To degrease it, wipe with the cotton tampon moistened in medical alcohol. It is possible to buy also the special degreasing means for nails.

3. Get bubble with primer - it is special liquid which needs to be used before covering nails with biogel. It will help decorative covering to be linked to the surface of the polished nail better. Use acid-free means that it has not done harm to nails.

4. Apply primer on nails and you dry them, having put on table. Different means dry from 30 seconds to 2 min. On the advice of some masters, instead of primers it is possible to use liquid with vitamins and protein.

5. Begin to cover accurately nails with biogel, moving from free edge to cuticle. You do not reach the basis of plate – leave distance in 1.5-2 mm to cuticle.

6. You dry nails in the special device with ultra-violet lamp within 1-2 min. or just at the room temperature, without allowing drafts. Do not use the hair dryer for drying of nails! Otherwise on surface of decorative layer ugly bubbles can appear.

7. You put the second layer of decorative means, and if desired make several thin layers. Dry each layer. Then remove sticky layer the liquid for removal of varnish which is not containing acetone.

8. Fix decorative covering by glossy varnish. To the area of cuticle easy massage movements rub olive oil. Do not wash hand couple of hours that your beautiful nails have not suffered.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team