How to cover pimples

How to cover pimples

If before solemn event or meeting on your face after all has appeared couple of treacherous heat-spots – you should not despair and spoil because of them all mood. Having armed with several means and having remembered simple rules, you will be able to make them almost imperceptible. So, how it is correct to cover pimples?


1. For a start, if heat-spot big and inflamed, come running to some cunning: take cotton wool, moisten it with drops for eyes and apply for several minutes to pimple. It will great remove inflammation and will eliminate redness. Not worse also the set of the funds allocated for the emergency reduction of the appeared "foes" like dot gels and creams works.

2. It is necessary to put basis – without it masking will not lay down exactly and will long not keep. It is possible to use both special basis under make-up, and the matting moisturizing cream.

3. Now start masking. Let's pick up concealer: it is possible to use special concealer of greenish color, it helps to eliminate redness. It is good if it contains antiseptic agent or tea tree oil and can promote disposal of unpleasant surprise a little. It is possible to use also camouflage pencil – the main thing, to choose dense and low-fat. Most often they contain anti-inflammatory components like salicylic acid, so will carry out double task – masking and treatment.

4. Now take foundation and put and heat-spot pointwise and very much with film. Patting, but not pounding (not only it is difficult to cover with grinding something, but also it is possible to extend infection on other sites of skin). Surplus of cream can be removed special sponge sponge.

5. Now it is necessary to give equal dullness – take light powder, brush and properly shade it on the person. Uniform opaque color without greasy luster will not concentrate attention on local inflammations, and masking will long keep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team