How to create volume at roots of hair

How to create volume at roots of hair

In order that the hairstyle was the most attractive and magnificent, owners of straight hair want to create additional volume at roots. It is simple if you near at hand have necessary means and you know several secrets on hair care.

It is required to you

  • Styling sprays, the hair dryer, scrunchy, round hairbrush of large diameter, hairbrush for pile, hairspray.


  1. Use styling sprays. You will suit such means as mousse, tonic or lotion. They are on sale in usual shops. For achievement of the best effect it is possible to buy professional tools in specialized shops for hairdressers and stylists. However do not go too far in them, and that hair can just stick together and become visually dirty – to take enough only small amount of mousse volume approximately about ball for golf. You apply mousse from roots by means of hairbrush crest.
  2. Process hair cold air. Your hair dryer not for nothing has such function as cold air. It is necessary to set effect. Ideally at first it is necessary to extend locks of hair by means of round hairbrush and warm air, and then to twirl hair on hairbrush and several seconds to take them under cold air. Surely use large hairbrush as it will be suitable for creation of volume better. Round hairbrushes with small diameter are intended for creation of curlies.
  3. Change hair parting and laying from time to time. The fact is that your hair get used to constant and identical laying therefore when you a little it change – you displace hair parting or use a few other hairbrush – hair rise, creating effect of magnificent volume hairstyle.
  4. Use elastic band right after washing of the head. If to collect moist hair in tail on the top and to take so several hours before full drying, you are surprised to the received volume. Use soft elastic band for this purpose, otherwise on locks there will be dents.
  5. Make small pile. This way exists not one decade and is used by professionals to this day. The main thing here is not to overdo, otherwise your head will resemble bird's nest. Separate upper layer of hair and fix it on the top then special hairbrush not fanatically comb the lower part. Having dismissed upper layer, lay it and fix by means of hairspray.
  6. Always use hairspray. It will help to give and, the main thing, to keep the necessary form. That locks kept better, apply varnish not from above, and from below, accurately raising them and returning into place.
  7. Try to use rectifiers and curling irons less. They overdry hair, doing them thin, fragile and disobedient that not only reduces opportunity to make magnificent volume, but also considerably reduces time of preservation of hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team