How to cure hair after coloring

How to cure hair after coloring

Even the most sparing modern paints can do harm to hair, make them thinner, fragile and weak. Especially often it happens after clarification of hair because of influence of ammonia and other active agents. Therefore the problem of many women – to restore health of the curls after coloring.


  1. Do not forget that health of your hair in many respects depends on condition of organism. Therefore it is impossible to have beautiful head of hear if you have constant stress and incorrectly you eat. Try to lead healthy lifestyle (it anyway will not prevent you), is vitamin-rich food and also buy special medicines for growth and strengthening of hair. Surely accept dietary supplements and vitamin complexes in which there is calcium, vitamins A and E, potassium, zinc, cod-liver oil.
  2. Hair after coloring usually become dry and fragile. For fight against dryness use masks. You can pick up ready means in shop or beauty shop, and can make it independently of natural products. For example, the mask from kefir, curdled milk or acid milk perfectly moistens hair. Put it on all length of hair, then wind the head with polyethylene film and wait 20 minutes. After that repeat the procedure, massing head skin. Well wash out hair without shampoo. It is possible to add rye bread to kefir (so that gruel has turned out).
  3. For strengthening and growth of hair use oil masks. Perfectly burdock oil, especially with addition of red pepper will approach. Apply means on hair, rubbing it in head skin, then wind hair part of the head with polyethylene and towel, having created peculiar bath. You hold oil on the head not less one or one and a half hours, then carefully wash out large amount of warm water. Do such mask two times a week, and in few months you will notice excellent result – curls will become thick and it is healthier.
  4. If you have split ends, it is the best of all to go to hairdressing salon and to shear them. Remember that even healthy tips demand leaving. After washing of hair rub in them small amount of special oil.
  5. Try not to use the hair dryer or apply the mode of cold air. Avoid piles which do already thinned hair by even more fragile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team