How to cut eyebrows

How to cut eyebrows

Popular belief that eyebrows do our face. That eyebrows could emphasize beauty, it is necessary to look after them: to pull out, tint and if necessary to cut.

It is required to you

  • cuticle scissors,
  • shadows for eyebrows,
  • pencil for eyebrows,
  • wax for eyebrows, tweezers


  1. It is easier to cut eyebrows, than it seems. And after the procedure they will be much easier to be pacified gel or wax. For a start prepare workplace. You have to have enough space and light, you have to see well that you do. Eyebrows grow slowly and that later hairstyles not to be afraid of the reflection in mirror, it is better to think of everything in advance.
  2. Define ideal shape of eyebrows for the person. They should not be too thin and too wide, short and long. The ideal eyebrow begins over internal corner of eye, and comes to an end over extreme point of cheekbone. The natural bend of eyebrow passes approximately at 3/4 of its lengths. The human face is asymmetric therefore shape of eyebrows at you it will be at least insignificant, but to differ. It is not necessary to aim to change shape of eyebrow - just correct it.
  3. After you have decided on shape of eyebrows, start hairstyle. For this purpose comb hairs on eyebrow down. You will see how too long hairs will leave abroad the natural line of eyebrow - them and it is necessary to shear cuticle scissors, very carefully. After that repeat the procedure with the second eyebrow. Then comb hairs of the first eyebrow up - and again cut off too long tips. Make the same with the second eyebrow.
  4. By the way, if the shape of eyebrows quite suits you, but you cannot master only the puffing-up hairs at nose bridge, it is not necessary to cut all eyebrow. Truncate only those hairs which disturb you. With other flaws it will be possible to cope with the help of tweezers.
  5. After the hairstyle is complete, you can paint over eyebrows shadows or pencil to make color more saturated. Cover eyebrows with gel or wax for a long time to keep their ideal form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team