How to cut hair short flight of stairs? Secrets of experienced hairdressers

How to cut hair short flight of stairs? Secrets of experienced hairdressers

Experienced hairdressers short flight of stairs call hairstyle of hair step. To give to future hairstyle the desirable form, it is enough to collect all hair in the correct bunch and to cut off at one stroke scissors. However for the real master step hairstyle - top of hairdresser's art.

There are various ways of hairstyle of hair short flight of stairs (step hairstyle). The technology is defined by graduation zone width - distance between long and short hair, and way of laying of hairstyle. For example, width of steps or graduation is equal in hairstyle where all hair come to an end on the same line, to zero. Correctly to define quantity of layers (ranks) of short flight of stairs, it is necessary to take a detached view of hairstyle not persons, and behind.

Hairstyle where the upper layer of hair is slightly higher than lower, carry out by means of horizontal hair partings. If width of steps is more than 5 cm, use vertical hair partings.

When for giving of additional volume the top is shortly cut, and the lower hair leave long, at first short flight of stairs by horizontal locks in parietal part is created. The lower hair rise to the top. But to final form the hairstyle is brought, working on vertical locks. At the same time edges of scissors direct down. If step hairstyles are wound on hair curlers, and laying is carried out in the form of romantic curls, hairstyles carry out horizontal and diagonal locks. The smooth and volume option is created by vertical locks. Short flight of stairs turns out mobile and accurate. In this case apply laying on brushing.

Brushing – round brush with natural or metal bristles. The phenom serves for hair dressing.

The step hairstyle is usually begun with hair of parietal area. Allocate lock in the form of rhombus (asterisk). Having clamped it between fingers, lift up. On corner of 90 degrees to the head. The basic lock is cut to the necessary length. Then separate the next lock, parallel to the parties of rhombus (asterisk). Tighten lock to basic and shear on its length. Also arrive with other hair on darkness. Then start hairstyle of hair in occipital part. Take V-shaped lock, copying rhombus corner. Tighten it to already cut locks and shear. Make out short flight of stairs on nape and in temporal zones. Pass to performance of bang. It is necessary to determine in advance its depth (distance from the line of growth to bang top in parietal part) and width. Not the really thick and deep bangs are allocated with arch about 1.5-3 cm wide and cut by pattern method. The hair parting is not considered. Deep and thick bangs – fashionable and significant element of step hairstyle. It is necessary to decide on hair parting (direct, right or left side) at once. Carefully allocate bang zone with diagonal lines. In the form of triangle with top on hair parting. Its height is selected individually and can be 3-10 cm.

Dry hair of bang in top of triangle have to lie on forehead and almost not move aside.

Finish step hairstyle with registration of the regional line. Cut fringe in the conceived form. That the hairstyle looked easy on thick hair, do tapering.

Tapering is thinning of hair scissors with gear edges.

To cut hair short flight of stairs, using bunches, it is possible and independently, literally in 5 minutes. All hair are combed on the person. Gather in tail at the level of nose bridge and have hair cut above elastic band. Flowing hair will be overthrown by falls from the top. The hairstyle will turn out asymmetric if to move tail to the left or to the right. The hair combed on parting in the middle can be tied in bunches of the head on each side and to cut equally. The express hairstyle with short flights of stairs in temporal zones will turn out. Experienced hairdressers use fast ways when the hairstyle of hair short flight of stairs is carried out to the kid. Small children do not like to sit long in hairdresser's chair. Then the master processes vertical locks to smooth transitions between ranks of hair.

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