How to cut house hair

How to cut house hair

Need for house hairstyle can arise on many the reason: lack of time, the limited family budget, fear (at small children) and so on. Sometimes it is necessary to cut only bang and to go for the sake of it to hairdressing salon it seems inexpedient. Anyway it is necessary to acquire several basic rules of the correct hairstyle.


  1. At first we will understand as it is correct to hold tools in hand. The left hand usually pulls lock, and right cuts. The hairbrush passes from one hand into another. Let's consider on example. You are going to cut occipital part of the head. Previously moisten hair, accurately comb, divide hair hairbrush with tail into locks and record non-working clips. Take scissors, having passed in one ringlet ring finger, in another – thumb. Click nozhnichka to get used. Remember that the hairstyle is always made by tips of scissors. You have to keep within 5-6 clicks on 1 lock.
  2. When you learn to hold scissors, start hairstyle. Throw off scissors from thumb and comb the right hand lock, 3-4 times, then pull it. Shift hairbrush in the left hand, again pass finger in ringlet. Shear superfluous the ends of scissors. At once we will make a reservation that you should not cut hair at the necessary length from the first. Cut off a little less and look whether it is worth shearing still. Besides in the course of straightening superfluous for certain will leave. The second lock is taken in parallel previous, also combed out and leveled together with the first lock, clamping both fingers of the left hand. So gradually move ahead further.
  3. If you want to straighten only bang, then do it, previously having dried up and having extended phenom. So you will be able to tonsure bang exactly. Use sharp scissors with the thin ends. Move ahead from the middle to edges also dividing bang into separate locks. Then, check length of hair from the opposite edges of bang, having reduced them together to the middle. If the asymmetry has come to light – equal still.
  4. Men's hair can be done by means of the electric machine and simple hairbrush, or using various limiters nozzles which usually go in set to the machine. The device it is necessary for Vestie against growth of hair, otherwise hair will nestle on the head and will not get under edges. It is necessary to cut strips from edge to the top. After each strip the hair schesyvat. Having reached the top it is impossible to tear off sharply it, it is necessary to remove gradually it, holding suspended and separating from the surface of the head.
  5. Working with the machine, it is necessary to hold the head with two fingers at the top. Carrying out by the machine near ears, it is necessary to unbend ear sink. It is necessary to finish forming of hairstyle with tushevka and fringing without nozzle that the hairstyle has turned out equal with accurately outlined edges.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team