How to cut off correctly bang

How to cut off correctly bang

Stylists consider that any woman can practically pick up suitable bang. Address the professional hairdresser – he will find that hairstyle which suits your individual image. It is important to cut off bang correctly, it is very noticeable detail of any hairstyle, and it has to look perfectly. If necessary to truncate it the hands, be extremely accurate and follow the basic rules of hairstyle.

It is required to you

  • - Sharp scissors;
  • - thinning shears;
  • - spray and warm water;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - hair dryer and means for laying;
  • - consultation with the experienced hairdresser.


  1. Decide on what bang you want to see as a result of hairstyle. Often the choice of hairstyle depends on specific features of appearance of the woman. For example: • at fine hair for obtaining volume of the master advise to do to stocking from the top; • the longish face is not bad masked by equal and thick bangs; • owners of square or round face are recommended to choose hairstyles with asymmetric bangs; • on young ladies of small growth the smoothed bangs, and on tall girls - pile well look.
  2. Be prepared for bang hairstyle. Wash up hair soft shampoo and dry up their phenom. Hairdressers always recommend to be cut only for dry hair. Curly and very dense and disobedient curls can be moistened slightly them from spray. Always consider that moment that the wet bang will stick together in locks, and after drying it rises a little.
  3. Choose well lit place for bang hairstyle. Scissors take the sharpest and sufficient length. Ideally, the professional tool is necessary for you – it can be got in special outlets for hairdressers.
  4. Carefully comb hair and separate all hair which do not enter bang, – long remove in tail, and short fix by clips.
  5. Begin to cut bang from the central line of forehead, and then gradually move ahead to left; further - to the right edge. One of important rules – scissors it is necessary to hold at an angle 45 degrees. It is recommended to start hair; gradually take the following, being guided on ready cut. Always hold podstrigayemy hair two fingers and equally pull them!
  6. Otfiliruyte the tonsured bang that it looked more naturally also became more softly and more obediently. For this work it is desirable to use special thinning shears. As a last resort, work with tips of the ordinary tool. Divide bang into several locks, you will process each of which separately. Having tightened up lock, make an incision it in the middle, then – edges are slightly higher.
  7. Check the line of hairstyle. The fringing will do hair of accurater. Comb out hair hairbrush and, holding scissors parallel to their growth, do centimetric cuts on all length of bang.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team