How to cut off cuticle

How to cut off cuticle

Beauty of hands in many respects depends on manicure, and quality of manicure – on condition of cuticle. There are different ways of its removal, nevertheless, of the requirement to its appearance always some. The cuticle has to be accurate, equal, without hangnails, soft and well humidified. Let's talk about how it is correct to cut off cuticle that its look did not spoil ideal manicure.


1. In many respects the quality of result depends on what manicure tools you use. It is possible to cut off cuticle manicure tweezers, scissors and the trimmer. Ideally it is better not to cut off cuticle at all, and to process special structures which allow to soften it and to remove surplus of skin. At such way of processing the cuticle grows more slowly, looks healthier and equal. Besides this way does not injure skin.

2. If you have decided to use manicure tweezers, prepare skin for the procedure of removal of cuticle. For this purpose skin needs to be softened. Prepare warm hand bath, you can add oils or favourite aromatic means to water. Take fingers in water until the cuticle becomes soft and pliable. Dry up hands. Carefully shift cuticle towards nail root special manicure rake, wooden or silicone stick. Cut off cuticle, since one edge towards another. Try to remove it equal "ribbon". Straighten edge with the same tweezers that the edge of cuticle was smooth. Well moisturize the skin around fingers nutritious cream.

3. Scissors for removal of cuticle have to be ideally ground not to tear skin. Steam out skin by means of hand bath, dry up it. Shift cuticle to nail root special tools. Cut off cuticle from one edge to another. Be careful not to injure finger skin, work only with tips of edges of scissors. Cut off cuticle equal "tape". Process edge of cuticle, having removed all roughnesses and hangnails, moisturize the skin around fingers nutritious cream. It is better to delete cuticle with scissors, than manicure tweezers.

4. The trimmer is created especially for removal of cuticle. Usually it looks as stick with two tips. On the one hand branched uvula of metal edge, with another – rake for moving of cuticle. This tool approaches better, than tweezers or scissors, but only until edges remain ideally fine. Prepare skin, shift cuticle to nail root. Install the trimmer from one edge and conduct it along the line of growth of cuticle, without stopping and without interrupting skin "ribbon". You do not press too strongly not to remove part of nail plate, but also too poorly you should not press too not to "lose" the skin taken by the trimmer. Direct trimmer tip towards the far-away country of cuticle and a little up. Modify roughnesses (if such remain) tweezers or scissors. Process leather around nail cream.

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