How to cut the man of the house

How to cut the man of the house

Many men do not find time and means often to visit the hairdresser or the stylist, and to shortly cut hair. In such situation you can cut the husband or the son, having spent a little time and having achieved the accuratest result by means of the machine for hairstyle of hair. It is simple to use the machine, such hairstyle will save to you money and also the machine will allow you to create accurate short hairstyle in house conditions.


  1. Before cutting hair, carefully wash up and dry up them. Prepare the machine to begin hairstyle on dry hair, and define at what length it is necessary to cut hair. Depending on the chosen length, install nozzle of the necessary height (12-15 mm) on the machine.
  2. Begin hairstyle with nape. Lift occipital spin hair top by means of hairbrush, densely adjoining machine nozzle to the surface of the head. Having processed occipital zone of hair, you pass to temporal and parietal zone. Cut off hair at one level, cutting hair on all zones of growth at identical length.
  3. Having created equal cut, execute hairstyle fringing, having passed on its lower edge by small nozzle of the machine. Conduct the machine on hairstyle edge at an angle to the surface of the head, slightly rounding off and smoothing border of hair.
  4. The fringing will help to finish hairstyle and to make it accurate and beautiful. Carrying out final cuts of hair, do not press the machine too close to skin to avoid cuts and injuries. Having issued edge of hairstyle, process the whisky machine – they can be cut as directly, and on Kosaya liniya.
  5. As you can see, the house hairstyle by means of the machine will not cause in you difficulties even if you never dealt with hairdresser's art. In such a way it is possible to cut both children, and adults, having spent minimum of time and means.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team