How to cut thinning shears

How to cut thinning shears

Tapering, or thinning of locks, - gives to hairstyle the volume and splendor, natural and smooth lines. It is possible to execute tapering ordinary scissors, tapering razors, but most often for this purpose apply thinning shears, unilateral or bilateral.

It is required to you

  • - thinning shears;
  • - hairbrush.


  1. Tapering is done on dry clean hair. If you want to give volume to the top or bang, separate vertical locks and thin out them from below up. The lower short hair will raise upper. If it is necessary to you that upper hair adjoined to the head, thin out the allocated vertical locks from top to down.
  2. Tapering of the ends can be horizontal and vertical. At horizontal the lock of hair stretches and its part across (no more than 3-5 mm) from tips is cut off. At vertical tapering the lock deviates aside approximately by 30 degrees, and thinning shears keep vertically, cloth down.
  3. When tapering roots the tense lock is cut across in stages: in the beginning at the basis of hair, then approximately on the middle, and the last – closer to the end of lock. It will allow you to achieve splendor of hair from roots.
  4. There is also such reception as the sliding cut – at the same time the opened scissors clasp lock on the middle and move to tips of hair. By means of this reception on different length thin locks are cut off. Performance of the sliding cut demands special attentiveness, otherwise you risk to cut off partially or completely lock.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team