How to deceive appetite

How to deceive appetite

In modern society more and more people suffer from excessive weight. And everyone, quite naturally, wants to look slender and tightened. And so difficultly sometimes to resist tasty food and there is a wish to indulge himself. What suitably affects then our figure. There is set of techniques of weight loss and hundreds of recipes of diets. And also there are certain cunnings on muting of appetite. Ways of muting of appetite and preservation longer time of sense of fulness are given in this article.

1. Eat all sunflower seeds from the eaten apple. As sunflower seeds of apple contain day norm of iodine which muffles desires to food. Try to chew sunflower seeds carefully. Do yourself self-massage, pressing middle finger the point located between lip and nose. This reception allows to dull feeling of hunger too.

2. Drink half-glass of broth of fresh parsley. It dulls feeling of hunger for 2 hours. Mint is capable to dull hunger, for this purpose you can rinse mouth mint infusion, from calculation: mint bunch on glass of water. Have surely breakfast. For breakfast try to eat oat flakes more often. They are digested long time thanks to what sense of fulness remains longer.

3. For dinner useful will eat meat or fish. As meat contains the amino acids burning fat. Chew food long and carefully. As they say, chew 33 times!

4. Because of table it is necessary to leave with slight feeling of malnutrition. And if after meal you progulyates, then it adds sense of fulness. Eat always sitting, and never eat standing. Not for nothing say: "Standing will get more!"

5. Drink before meal the glass of mineral water, then feeling of the portion necessary for satisfaction of your hunger will be reduced. At acute sense of hunger eat one spoon of powdered milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team