How to decide on short hairstyle

How to decide on short hairstyle

The short hairstyle threshes and emphasizes features. You can look refined, glamourous or on - maiden is fervent - everything depends on the chosen laying. To decide to cut off hair not easy, but the result can impress also you, and people around.


  1. Before deciding on short hairstyle, estimate positive and negative sides of such hairstyle. It is plus at hairstyle much. It threshes, adds to image of freshness and relevance. Besides not everyone so the attention of people around will be guaranteed to you are solved on extravagant short hairstyle.
  2. The short hairstyle is well combined with unusual shades of hair-dye. You can experiment with half tones, try original color combinations and effects. At the same time it is possible to save significantly on medicines for laying. Unlike semi-long hair, short locks do not demand large number of staylingovy means, irons, curling irons and other devices. You can do even without hair dryer. Short hair very quickly dry and at the correct hairstyle quickly take the necessary form.
  3. It is possible to refer need of frequentation of the hairdresser to shortcomings of short hairstyle. The locks are shorter, the more often it will be required to adjust form of your hairstyle. That the head always looked ideally, it is necessary to find the good master who will understand you and your hair. And if for some reason you leave the stylist, to find new will be difficult.
  4. Having made short hairstyle, be ready to changes in clothes. Short locks well are in harmony with things in sports and informal style. And here some romantic, ethnic and even classical dresses can look alienly.
  5. Before going to the hairdresser, estimate features of the person and figure. Smooth hairstyles of the minimum length go to owners of very slim tiny figures and delicate features. To fuller girls volume short hairstyles with easy waves will go. If you have high forehead, choose hairstyles with long bang.
  6. Consider also features of hair. If locks very disobedient, make strong tapering or hairstyle short steps. Effective asymmetric hairstyles - for example, bean with the extended locks on forehead and strongly shortened nape will be suitable for straight hair. Very thick curly hair will be subdued by tapering, and thin will give volume step hairstyle. Also highlighting or coloring of hair will help to add splendor to light tone to hairstyle.
  7. Glance over fashionable magazines and choose models whose type of appearance corresponds to yours. Perhaps, their hairstyle will suit you too. Take the magazine in salon and consult to the expert, together you will be able to find ideal option.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team