How to decolour hair in house conditions

How to decolour hair in house conditions

Fair hair is popular for a long time, and many women aim to change color of head of hear, using various means. But before clarifying hair in house conditions, it is necessary to estimate whether the new image will suit you. Wigs or special computer programs will help to try on on themselves hairstyle of light color.

It is required to you

  • - broth of camomile field
  • - lemon juice
  • - kefir, lemon, cognac, egg


  1. There is set of ways to decolour hair the hands, beginning from the special clarifying structures made in the cosmetic industry and finishing with folk remedies. If you by nature possess fair hair, then it is possible to give them white shade ordinary paint, having picked up color of structure couple tones lighter.
  2. It is possible to be recoloured in the blonde of the house by means of special chemical compositions. It is worth using these means with extra care. The aggressive components which are their part can not only decolour hair, but also burn them.
  3. But if you do not want to worsen condition of hair, decolouring them chemical means, then it is possible to resort to the help of natural means. washing of the head rinsing of hair this flower means. Later short time of hair will please you in color, is lighter natural on 1-2 tones.
  4. One more plant capable to help to decolour hair in house conditions is the lemon. It is necessary to use lemon juice for clarification in summertime, during solar activity. The recipe is unusually simple – before each exit from the house to bright sun, a little fresh lemon juice apply on hair. Thanks to the acid which is contained in lemon the natural shade of hair burns out in the sun much quicker.
  5. It is also safe to decolour hair the mask from kefir and lemon will help. Mix in bowl 1 spoon of shampoo, juice of half of lemon, 7 spoons of kefir, 2 spoons of cognac or vodka, one fresh egg. To apply the received structure on hair, to warm and wait for reaction. The longer you hold mask, the hair become lighter. It is possible to leave mask for the night. Then to wash away structure from hair water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team