How to decorate the head

How to decorate the head

Since ancient times of the woman liked to decorate the heads. In ancient China and India to the girl from decent family was considered shameful to appear in society without ornament in hair. Times have changed, but still well picked up headdress or accessory speaks about excellent taste of his owner.


  1. As the best decoration of the head serves the hairstyle. Girls can experiment with long hair infinitely. Braids cones, curls, pile – all that the little what it is possible to choose from. Afro-braids, zi-z, dreadlocks, rasta and asymmetric hairstyles will be suitable for creative natures.
  2. The hat will shade any dress and will give to image mystery and attractiveness. In cool windy weather let hair down and put on hat from felt with wide fields. Small fields in combination with short dress or trouser suit will be ideal for party in night club. If you want to get headdress for day walks on the city, then give preference to so-called straw hats and knitted panamas.
  3. For supporters of elegant hairstyles the hairpin for hair in the form of flower will become excellent ornament. It is possible to decorate with such accessory malvinka or, having just let hair down, to pin flower sideways. The crab for hair decorated with large beads and feathers will become ideal addition to evening dress. The beautiful hairpin which is picked up on contrast or in tone to dress will make the true princess of the girl.
  4. The kerchief tied on the head will become stylish addition to any image. To feel star of the 60th throw with it the head as usual scarf and tie up the ends neck, in addition to it put on glasses with the big darkened lenses. In more exotic way it is possible to decorate the head with scarf, having tied it in style of the tango. Fold big kerchief double and throw the head. Tighten the free ends of scarf on nape and twist in plait. Then wind with it the head, and get the end of fabric under kerchief rim.
  5. The bandage on the head will become good addition, both to office, and to walking dress. Select color and texture of accessory according to weather and suit. By the way, such bandage – great way to take away hair from face in windy day.
  6. Young girls for decoration of the head can use hayratnik, he especially well looks with light sundress and with denim. Usually the hayratnik represents thin strip of fabric or lace with which tie the head on the middle of forehead.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team