How to define cellulitis

How to define cellulitis

only ladies aged or chubby women face problem of cellulitis. Even to young and thin women cellulitis can fairly spoil life. Its emergence is influenced by several factors: inactive way of life, improper feeding, differences in weight, genetic predisposition, environmental pollution. It is possible to define cellulitis in several ways.


  1. Cellulitis has favourite parts bodies. These are buttocks, hips, area of knees. Sometimes he chooses also the internal surface of hands. Independently to define cellulitis, it is necessary to compare skin on healthy part of the body to skin from risk zone. For this purpose clamp fold of skin between fingers and look at its surface. Healthy skin and hypodermic fabric look smooth and elastic. Skin with symptoms of cellulitis will have hilly appearance.
  2. At different stages of development the cellulitis can look differently. Estimate skin condition, proceeding from the following visible signs. At the first (easiest) stage insignificant hypostases are observed, when pressing skin in the formed fold changes of hypodermic fabric become visible. At the second stage the cellulitis occupies more extensive sites, cavities are outlined, skin begins to remind orange-peel. At the third stage all visible signs become even more obvious, there are numerous hypodermic small knots, cavities, puffiness increases. At the heaviest stage painful feelings when pressing on skin appear, the structure of skin has pronounced hilly appearance with set of large small knots, hollows and sites of hardening.
  3. There is also other method of definition of cellulitis. If you want to see the cellulitis in the form of the color picture, pass contact termografiya. This method is based that in problem zones temperature of skin of body is lower because of fat deposits and violation of microcirculation and limfoottok. The thermofilm imposed on the problem site fixes difference in temperatures on the tested site of skin, on it color spots by which it is accurately possible to determine cellulitis and stage of its development begin to appear. This method is convenient that it allows to estimate more precisely skin condition at different stages of treatment and to introduce amendments in it as required.

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