How to define herpes symptoms

How to define herpes symptoms

herpes virus has nearly 90% of adult population of the planet. Most often simple herpes which kind is sexual meets. However, the main concern causes the surrounding herpes. Anyway early diagnosis of this disease allows to avoid long-term treatment and painful feelings.


  1. Show consideration for general malaise, weakness, fever and burning of skin as they are the first disturbing symptoms speaking about fast manifestation of simple herpes. The same concerns also such signs which can be taken for sting of insect, pimples, burns, common itch of the allergic nature, the milkwoman (the fungal disease caused by sort Candida fungus).
  2. Surely pay attention to lung, but constant desire to scratch skin about lips. In such situation use cream or herpes ointment quicker.
  3. Show concern at detection even of the small bubble on lips containing transparent liquid, fast distribution of bubbles on all surface of lips and even about them is characteristic of herpes. They – real fever for lips.
  4. Harbinger of genital herpes is increase in lymph nodes. Feel inguinal lymph nodes, take temperature which at this disease rises up to 38-39 degrees, track urination (it becomes more frequent). Nausea, headache, numbness of nape, burning and itch of skin of genitals also can be added to these signs. The redness and rash can affect also hips and buttocks. However before showing concern, be convinced the bubbles available grouped, filled with transparent liquid on mucous membrane of genitals. They within several days grow turbid, burst with formation of small sores, and then become covered by crust most of which often disappears independently in 5-8 days. Only such bubbles – the indisputable proof of availability of sexual herpes.
  5. Immediately see doctor at hypersensibility of skin and the constant sensation of pain on the course of nerves which is followed by the pulsing headache. Bubble rash on the reddened surface of skin along nerve which contains purulent bloody liquid inside has to cause special alarm. If you feel pricking or strong burning in the field of bubbles, be ready to their break and further education on their place of sores. All these signs – unconditional symptoms of the surrounding herpes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team