How to define shape of nails

How to define shape of nails

Accurately filed and processed nails do shape of the woman tidy and attractive. But that handles looked more effectively, it is not enough to make manicure, it is necessary also to give to nails the suitable form.


1. Ideal shape of nail is that which does female brush even more beautiful and refined. And for each woman it will be different. The shape of nail depends on proportions of fingers, structure and the size of nail, and sometimes and on profession.

2. The almond-shaped shape of nails is classics of genre and approaches all fingers. It does hand more graceful and utonchenny. Short almond-shaped nails will decorate also thick fingers, having visually extended them. With such nails it is convenient to perform housework, to look after babies and to make any other actions. It is very simple to keep this shape – enough from time to time to file nail from one corner to another.

3. The oval form will well look on short nails, doing them is longer, and brushes are even more gentle. Besides it will be suitable for thin and fragile nails – thanks to constant podpilivaniye of corners they will break and cling less.

4. Square nails visually shorten brush therefore such uniform should be worn only that who can brag of long and thin fingers. At podpilivaniye it is possible to leave angles right, then the nail file should be held horizontally, and to do movements only in one party. And it is possible to round off slightly corners that they did not break. Length can be any.

5. Sharp nails will be suitable for thin fingers of average length. This form beautifully looks, but is quite dangerous both for other people, and for you. Besides the sharp tip breaks more often.

6. Length of nails depends on their structure. Strong nails can sustain any length, and here thin and weak it is better to file well. Then they will break, peel off and look less accurater. Nails also should not disturb therefore you do not pursue beauty and do not let grow very long claws if to you with them it is inconvenient.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team