How to define the original

How to define the original

bottle of perfume, so there is no wish to become the owner of fake. To secure itself against it, it is necessary to be extremely attentive, especially if spirits are got in online stores, from hands, in the subway or in other accidental places. Perfumery produced on special formula at the plants belonging to the trading house which has created it is original.


  1. Many companies use tsellofanirovaniye when packing the products. Cellophane at the same time should not be too thick and dense. The seam located on one side or behind turns out accurate and equal as cellophane is not stuck together when packing, and solder by means of heating. There should be no wrinkles, assemblies. Cellophane fits box tightly. From below and from above there are sealing stamps.
  2. Considering cardboard packing, attentively read the name. In the original there should not be excess or missing letters. All inscriptions are carried out accurately including those which are put with small print, or barcodes. Colors should not be distorted or indistinct.
  3. Having opened box with spirits, you have to find cardboard insert, it is necessary in order that the bottle did not run on box. As a rule, manufacturers of fakes do not put such cardboard or place very cheap.
  4. Considering bottle, pay attention to quality of glass of which it is made. It should not have any inclusions: bubbles, drips, roughnesses. Color of bottle has to be uniform, without changes on all surface. The glasses of inscription applied on surface should not be indistinct, washed away or semi-erased.
  5. Uncover with bottle and examine it. At production of fakes, cheap plastic undertakes, as a rule, the lid turns out not painted over, with roughnesses and hangnails. And if to weigh it in hand, then in comparison with cover from original bottle, it will be too easy. Metal for creation of lids of original spirits is not used.
  6. The spirits poured in bottle should not have impurity or deposit. Liquid has to be transparent and clean.
  7. Compare the lot number applied outside on box and printed at the bottom of bottle. They have to match.
  8. Apply aroma to skin, the first 10-15 minutes the smell will be too pungent. But, having waited this time, it will be possible to define, you like aroma or not. The smell of fakes later can cardinally change 30 minutes, and in hour completely to disappear. In the real spirits during creation of aroma use from 40 to 1000 ingredients, and here creators of fakes are limited, as a rule, 5-10.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team