How to depilate forever

How to depilate forever

Today many ways of removal of excess hair on body are known. The most known of them today is laser epilation, electrolysis, vaksing (depilation by wax), well and, of course, shaving and plucking out. Preference is given to any given way taking into account individual and financial opportunities. At many pluses and some minuses of these technologies all of them have one common fault – short duration of effect. Alas, hair grow again and again. But the people are inventive. And it is already developed and successfully the mass of nonconventional methods of fight against hair as a result of which excess vegetation on body disappears forever is implemented.


  1. Nutshell. Take shell of pine nuts and burn it. Accurately add a little hot water to ashes and pound. Apply the received mix on those sites of skin on which, in your opinion, there are unnecessary hair. You hold 20-30 minutes then wash away warm water with soap. Repeat the procedure daily until you see that hair have begun to disappear. Pine nuts can be replaced walnut, but the result will be not so effective. Similar recipe: instead of shell of nuts some use the dried-up poppy-samosevki plants. The way of preparation of mix is similar to the "nut" recipe.
  2. Urticaceous oil. Take 40-50 g of seeds of great nettle, slightly you potolkit them mortar and fill in with 100 grams of vegetable oil. Leave in the dark place for 8 weeks. Filter. You apply oil on the places demanding removal of hair. Attention: seeds have to be only great nettle, but not other look! It is possible to collect them in July-August.
  3. Euphorbia. From stalks and leaves of fresh euphorbia squeeze out juice. Add 50 g of juice of aloe and as much – limes. Insist 3-5 hours, periodically stirring slowly. Rub mix in those parts of the body where hair, not desirable for you, grow. You hold so much how many you will be able to sustain, not less than 10-15 minutes are desirable. Wash away warm water and plentifully grease skin with any fat cream or vaseline. Attention: not to apply on face at all!
  4. Grapes. Only wild young (unripe) grapes approach. Rub with juice of green berries places with excess vegetation. Repeat day by day. The recipe is quite suitable for sensitive places. The result is noticeable soon.
  5. Dope. Crush seeds of dope (better in the coffee grinder) before formation of powder. Add vodka before obtaining consistence of dense sour cream. Leave in the warm dark place for 3-4 weeks. Grease places with undesirable hair every day until you notice that hair have disappeared. Be sure, on these places they will never appear any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team