How to depilate from nose

How to depilate from nose

More than once you, probably, noticed. At all the sociability and love for new interesting acquaintances, looking as at the interlocutor hair ugly stick out of nose, all desire vanishes to talk to him. There is something repellent in the hair growing from nose. And there are many ways to remove this unpleasant cosmetic problem.


1. First of all buy the trimmer for removal of hair from nose. During the work with it you hold it not really close to nose skin that not to scratch it. You are facing window that light got on "processing zone", so will depilate more conveniently. You hold small pocket mirror before yourself during the operation of the trimmer.

2. After use of the trimmer wash out it and wipe with solutions of peroxide of hydrogen or chlorhexidin as on the trimmer microbes and bacteria which each person has in nose often settle and breed.

3. During catarrhal diseases of nose do not use the trimmer. You treat with attention selection of type of the trimmer. It has to be the most comfortable for shape of nose and your feelings from its work.

4. Do not use tweezers for removal of hair from nose at all. Such way suits for removal of hair from eyebrows, but in nose there are important blood vessels which can be damaged. The same can be told about removal of hairs from nose fingers.

5. Cuticle scissors – not the best way of their removal. The procedure will help you to lose hair only partially and for a while. However, on the place cut off quickly the new, besides incorrectly cut off hairs will grow will unpleasantly prick in nose. Therefore do not use cuticle scissors for removal of hair from nose.

6. If the trimmer for hair seems to you the rough device, and you badly transfer it, then it is possible to resort to cuticle scissors, but very thin and with the rounded-off tips. Act with them accurately, do not injure gentle skin of nose inside.

7. Make cool - epilation in beauty shop. In that case you will say goodbye to hairs in nose for huge term – on about 10-15. There is such painless procedure when cooling the site of skin when under the influence of the special device the bulb of hair collapses and growth of hair in this place stops.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team