How to disguise scar

How to disguise scar

Though say that scars decorate, this statement concerns only representatives of strong half of mankind. For the woman, on the contrary, the scar is serious shortcoming which spoils appearance and gives the mass of inconvenience. What to do that the ugly scar became imperceptible?


  1. Use dry concealer. It, perhaps, the best means to disguise any shortcomings of skin, including, and scars. Today concealers with excellent, reliable and long-term the masking effect are made by most major cosmetic companies. It is rather simple to use this means. It is necessary to choose concealer with dry texture, to apply it with brush directly on scar and also to hammer into skin at the edges. Then means needs to be shaded well.
  2. Try to use friable powder. Apply on area with scar the moisturizing cream or special cream basis under make-up. Then put with brush a little friable powder and also shade. Try to make so that the border between the disguised site and other sites of skin was imperceptible. By the way, friable powder of those girls who on face have scars from acne especially helps out. And liquid tone cream and compact powder in this case help worse.
  3. Make tattoo. This way suits exclusively courageous people who are not confused by amazed looks of people around. Of course, on face you will not make tattoo, but here in cases when scars are on hands, legs, shoulders, stomach, back or even neck, such way sometimes becomes the real rescue. However, in this case it is worth electing the master and studio extremely attentively – to make qualitative tattoo which completely will hide scar only the true professional will be able.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team