How to dissolve paint

How to dissolve paint

All professional resistant hair-dyes consist of two components – dye and oxidizer. To receive saturated and "long-playing" shade in house conditions, it is important not correct to pick up shade, but also it is correct to dissolve paint with suitable oxidizer.

It is required to you

  • Paint
  • Oksilitel from 1.8% to 12%, in dependence of tone, structure and thickness of hair
  • Gloves
  • Porcelain, glass or plastic pan
  • Professional brush for coloring of hair


  1. First of all, it is worth picking up mikston which you will mix with paint for receiving the necessary shade. Why it is necessary to you? Hair color at everyone individual and even if you the natural blonde, then all the same at you is not ideally white hair, and with yellowish or ashy subtone. Provide what you draw paints according to multi-colored sheets of paper whether identical color on all sheets will turn out with identical paint even if they differ on several shades? Of course not. Also and with hair. In general, professional hairdressers, have whole table helping them to remember on what shade of hair at what what paint mikston will give the necessary effect. In brief it looks so: Green – eliminates krasnotufioletovy - conceals zheltiznusiny, gray, ashy – gives dullness to hair, strengthens ashy ottenkikrasny – gives warm shade, does color brighter.
  2. Now we will choose oxide. Here also everything is individual – it is necessary to consider you are painted on natural hair or on preliminary coloring as far as you have dark color of own hair and what they are thickness. Blondes with fine and fluffy hair will suit 3% oxidizer, brunettes with dense hair can take sometimes and 12%. Usual golden mean – 6% oxidizer. Oxidizers for ammoniac paints are contraindicated to paints bezammiachny and vice versa.
  3. Attentively we read the instruction, in it it is written in what proportion nauzhno to mix oxide with your paint. There are no general rules here!
  4. We put on gloves, we squeeze out quantity necessary for us cream-paint in pan, we add mikston. The quantity of mikston should not exceed amount of the main paint, the your color is lighter – the less mikston needs to be added. The minimum quantity of mikston – 1/5 from the paint volume necessary to you. We add oxidizer to paint. If mikston there were less than 10 g (these are about 5 centimeters of paste from tube), then its volume is not considered at oxide addition. We mix paint brush, accurate with circular motions. Paint is ready to drawing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team