How to dissolve professional paint

How to dissolve professional paint

Professional hair-dyes allow to receive bright and saturated color even in house conditions. That you were satisfied with result, it is necessary to mix necessary components in the correct proportions.

It is required to you

  • - plastic or porcelain pan;
  • - brush;
  • - rubber or polyethylene gloves;
  • - hair-dye;
  • - oxidizer;
  • - mikston.


  1. Buy hair-dye. Choose color which you as a result want to receive. By means of the consultant in shop pick up mikston to avoid emergence further of unnecessary shade as it will affect the end result of coloring. For example, its violet tone will hide yellowness of hair, and red will make total color brighter. As a rule, in shops there is special table in which all options of selection of mikston for any type of hair are opened.
  2. Choose oxidizer for paint. Its percent will depend on whether your hair have been painted earlier as far as they are injured, what their thickness. Consult to the experienced hairdresser what percent of oxide will suit you. For example, if you have fine fair hair, take three-percent oxidizer. Also upon purchase be guided by that, your paint contains ammonia or not as for different options oxidizers will be different.
  3. According to the instruction squeeze out the necessary number of the painting structure in the prepared pan and add mikston. You watch that its volume was less than at paint. Carefully mix both textures accurate circular motions, it is desirable to do it by means of brush for coloring or special spoon (they are on sale in the same shops, as paint). Add the necessary amount of oxidizer and once again mix. You apply paint on hair with fast exact movements, since occipital zone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team