How to distinguish perfume for women from men's

How to distinguish perfume for women from men's

Practically always, having tried aroma, you will unmistakably guess for what representatives of floor it is created. Fine judges of perfumery learn separate notes to composition of toilet water, inherent only in products for men or women.


  1. Modern toilet water which era has come in the first half of the 20th century consist of several groups of the notes which are gradually revealing in aroma. Base for female aromas are flower, berry and fruit smells – such is idea of women, gentle and juicy as if nature gifts. And the thoroughness and reliability of men emphasize wood and grassy notes.
  2. Some essential oils are not used in women's fragrances at all: the lavender and sage give to composition tobacco shade which does not suit gentle ladies. The individual nature of aromas on skin of the specific person is reached due to use of certain notes. In toilet water for girls for these purposes musk, in men's – ambergris, as a rule, is used. Without musk or ambergris the aroma would not be weaved with natural smell of human, and would sound separately.
  3. In the nineties on wave of androgenic fashion the whole class of perfumery unisex – aromas, equally suitable for women and for men has appeared. In them basic notes are displaced from flower emphases on citrus, grassy, sea.
  4. As a rule, women are less constant in the perfumery preferences. If the man can use years the same aroma, women are inclined to experiment, study novelties. Ladies will not refuse to have at the order 3-4 bottles on different cases: light fruit and flower aroma for business morning, musky for womanly image, bohemian spicy and east, fresh citrus for active holiday.
  5. At last, perfume for women can be distinguished also on design of bottle. Packing for ladies' aromas, as a rule, is more fancy. To draw attention of women, producers use different colors, unusual forms and materials. Men in the majority are more conservative therefore toilet water for them packs into bottles of strict geometrical forms, without excesses and jewelry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team