How to do anti-cellulite wrappings in house conditions

How to do anti-cellulite wrappings in house conditions

Many girls ask question how to get rid of cellulitis. It will be possible to achieve ideally smooth skin easily in house conditions, thanks to the correct leaving. Perfectly various anti-cellulite wrappings cope with ""orange-peel"".

Each girl dreams to have skin smooth, beautiful, ideal in every respect. But not all have opportunity to regularly visit beauty shops and to use expensive cosmetic procedures. At availability of the minimum set of products in the fridge and 1 hour of free time, high-quality anti-cellulite wrappings can be made easily and in house conditions. Remember that the safest are cold wrappings.

Contraindications at cold wrappings: the varicosity, pregnancy expanded vessels, diabetes, skin injuries (cuts, fresh scars, rash, grazes, allergy), the increased temperature, recently undergone operations. Besides, it is simpler and more convenient to execute cold wrappings in house conditions, than hot.

So, it is required to you: roll of wide food wrap, warm blanket, weight for wrapping, convenient brush.

Mud wrappings

Dirt of the Dead Sea can be bought in drugstore or cosmetic shop. Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to dirt, carefully pound, warm up to body temperature and apply by means of brush on problem places. From above carefully wind dirt with food wrap. Take cover warm blanket and leave weight on skin for 30 minutes. Wash away warm water. It is one of effective ways how to get rid of house cellulitis.

Honey wrappings

Mix 3 tablespoons of dense honey with 4-5 drops of essential oil of orange. Leave honey with oil for 5 minutes in the warm place. Apply the turned-out weight to skin, wind with film and leave for 30 minutes. These 30 minutes, sharp movements are undesirable. Try to lie down quietly under warm blanket or plaid. On the end of procedure wash away honey weight warm water. Very just to make houses such anti-cellulite wrapping.

Tea wrappings

Crush 3 tablespoons of leaf green tea in the blender (choose only qualitative grades). Mix tea with hot water (boiled!) also add 2-3 drops of essential oil of orange or grapefruit. Apply the turned-out mix to skin for 30 minutes. Wash away warm water without use of soap and other cosmetics. Remember that for achievement of the best effect it is necessary to repeat procedures of 10-12 times. Approximate course of wrappings for month: 1 procedure-3 of day of rest. 

These simple procedures will help to remove cellulitis without special financial expenses. All ingredients for such wrappings inexpensive and the most available.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team