How to do baths with potassium permanganate

How to do baths with potassium permanganate

Manganese bathtubs most often apply in children's practice at the diathesis, neurodermatitises and other diseases of skin connected with pustulous rashes and which are followed by itch. However antiseptic effect of potassium permanganate is applied also at adults – to the general and local bathtubs, lotions and washings and also to first-aid treatment.


1. Before taking bath with potassium permanganate, prepare its solution in advance as contact with not dissolved crystals of manganese can cause skin burn. Depending on appointment, make necessary concentration of solution of potassium permanganate.

2. For preparation of manganese solution for bathtub add several grains of medicine to warm water and carefully mix. Bring it to saturated color – color of red wine. Wait when potassium permanganate completely is dissolved or in the form of not dissolved particles will settle on bottom. And only after that slowly add it to bathtub that water has gained uniform light pink color.

3. The bathtub with such concentration of potassium permanganate possesses the knitting, drying and disinfecting action. Also it is applied to treatment of the skin diseases which are followed by purulent rashes and in treatment of burns. It suppresses reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and forms protective film on skin.

4. Take bath with potassium permanganate every other day no more than 15 minutes (children are 5-8 minutes old). The course of treatment of the manganic bathroom makes up to 10 times. After bathtub take shower (if the bathtub is carried out to the child, rinse it with 2-3 liters of water).

5. At stings of tarantula, the karakurt and other poisonous insects make lotion or local bath with more concentrated potassium permanganate solution. Dissolve it in the same sequence as it is stated above, but add solution in bigger quantity that more saturated color of water has turned out to bath. Also be careful to injure the dissolved crystals skin.

6. For washing of stomach at poisoning, for syringing at urological problems and at hemorrhoids use light pink solution of potassium permanganate, also divorced added to water for washing in advance and only then. For lotions at ulcers and burns use saturated solution of potassium permanganate, and for cauterization of wound – concentrated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team