How to do beautiful bunches

How to do beautiful bunches

The hairstyle in the form of bunch will make your image more womanly, and some of its options – elegant. Besides, performance of such hairstyle does not demand any special expenses and large number of time.


  1. If you prepare for festive action, make the bunch decorated with rims. For this purpose wash the head and try as it is possible to straighten stronger hair by means of the hair dryer and brush. Then apply on the dried-up hair means for fixing. It can be foam, mousse, lotion or gel for laying. Collect hair in tail and fix by elastic band.
  2. If you have long and thin neck, it will be more preferable to make low bunch. And the high and volume hairstyle will approach flat shape of nape. Extend hands the hair which have stretched at forehead a little and wind tail around elastic band so that it kept freely.
  3. Fix bunch by means of hairpins and invisible beings. Then put on thin rim distance about 4 centimeters from the level of growth of hair. Then recede about 5 centimeters and put on the second rim. Record ready hairstyle by means of varnish.
  4. For combination to evening dress try to make bunch of wavy hair. For this purpose apply foam for laying on clean, slightly moist hair. Then lay them by means of the hair dryer and large round hairbrush so that hair became more magnificent and smooth. Take nippers of large diameter and wrap one of locks around, but do not clamp that ringlets have not turned out. In the same way make all hair wavy.
  5. Collect ready locks in free tail, record elastic band and miss hair through it once again, but do not pull out the ends. As a result at you the loop which will need to be wrapped around elastic band has to turn out, at the same time directing down. Fasten hairstyle with hairpins and decorate with hairpin.
  6. The bunch executed as follows will be suitable for daily hairstyle. Comb all locks back and collect them in high tail by means of the thin elastic band suitable on color hair. Comb tail and divide it into thin locks then make of them rather free plaits. Wrap each flagellum around elastic band and fix by means of hairpins, forming bunch. Record ready hairstyle varnish that it could hold on all day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team