How to do beautiful evening hair with waves

How to do beautiful evening hair with waves

The smart evening hairstyle with waves will be ideal for any celebration: from final prior to wedding. It equally perfectly looks on representatives of different age. Other important plus - possibility of performance on hair of any density. The only condition - length. Ideally it has to be below shovels.

To make braid with waves rather easily: difficulties can arise only when laying curls, but also they are overcome for couple of trial attempts. The complexity of this evening hairstyle it is rather in labor input. Each bend of wave needs to be fixed carefully hairpins, and the hair are more dense, the it is more than locks, curls and their bends. On average on performance of such hairstyle 1.5-4 hours leave.

Necessary materials

It will be necessary for performance for you:

  1. Hairpins (80-150 pieces, the quantity depends on length and density of hair). Many hairpins will be located on surface therefore it is important to choose the most imperceptible: to blondes light metal, to brunettes - black, all the rest - strictly brown;
  2. Several invisible beings (not necessarily);
  3. Hairpins clips for fixing of waves;
  4. Curling iron;
  5. Silicone invisible elastic band;
  6. Spray gloss will make curls brilliant, smooth and silky (however you can quite do without it);
  7. Varnish for fixing;

Order of performance of evening hairstyle with waves

  1. Divide hair, as shown in photo. At first make hair parting from one ear to another through the top, then allocate occipital and parietal part. At you 6 zones have to turn out:
  • extended the occipital, lasting from the top to the basis necks;
  • two side occipital on each side from previous;
  • parietal;
  • two temporal.
  1. Begin creation of evening hairstyle with the central occipital part. Pin up other zones that did not disturb.

Braid not hard braid. In the first row slightly comb locks to give volume. It is possible to use the roller, but, as a rule, the pile in foundation of the spit is quite enough for giving to hairstyle of the necessary form.

Record tip elastic band. It is better to use special transparent elastics as usual are too noticeable. 3. Weaken locks in braid, give it volume. Extend hair thin strips from the center for creation of effect of lightness. At once fix them varnish. The most part of braid will be closed from above by curls therefore beauty is not basic. Pay attention only to the lower part from the line of growth of hair on neck to tip: its upper locks will almost not cover therefore try to create esthetic look. Divide tip of braid into small locks and twist the curling iron. 4. The basis of hairstyle is ready, time to be engaged in waves has come. For their creation use locks from side occipital and temporal zones. Divide each part into several bunches. Their quantity depends on density of hair. For example, 3 rows on two locks in everyone are allocated for photo in side occipital zone. Twist everyone the curling iron and leave to cool down, having recorded in the curtailed state. It is necessary to twist them that locks kept within easier therefore before laying carefully comb everyone: you need not curlies, but only hint on waviness. 

  1. Lay each curl as follows:
  • Clamp lock in several centimeters from its basis between index and average fingers of the left hand;
  • Shift fingers on that place where the wave has to make bend up;
  • Fingers of the right hand move apart lock that it has accepted the extending, and then again narrowed look;
  • Record clips wide part and the place compressed fingers of the left hand;
  • Repeat these actions necessary number of times until the lock lays down beautiful smooth bends to the tip;
  • Carefully varnish wave;
  • When varnish dries up, each bend needs to be recorded hairpin, placing it along the head and across lock, kind of stitching layer of hair. Then remove clips.
  1. As required develop locks, comb and sprinkle spray gloss to avoid the sticking-out fluffy hairs. Then stack them waves, moving serially from each party from the center to edges and from below up. 7. Parietal part also should be divided into locks in any order, to twist, cool and lay waves. However here you are expected by several features.

First, this zone in combination is bang therefore be convinced that in front it beautifully looks.

Secondly, the general contour of hairstyle at look sideways has to be equal: from the minimum volume on forehead, rising to the highest point on the top (at the expense of pile in foundation of the spit and large number of the waves imposed at each other), and then being smoothly narrowed to braid tip. Up to this point the contour it also turned out. But in parietal zone it has the highest risk to sink, creating sharp failure before the top. Therefore be convinced that in this place you have sufficient volume of hair.

  1. Decorate ready result decorative with hairpins or flowers. 


The evening hairstyle is ready for long hair. It is possible to make it on one side, then initially central occipital area should be allocated on diagonal. Such option visually more advantageous: in front the hairstyle will be better is visible, besides the asymmetry suits practically all face types. However it loses in durability: the tip of braid will quickly be disheveled from continuous friction about shoulder and neck therefore fix it tightly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team