How to do beautiful hair for average hair

How to do beautiful hair for average hair

All women dream to be beautiful that drew the attention of the man to them. Good hairstyle – one of the main oruzhiya of any woman. From what hairstyle at you, will depend a lot of things. Today we will tell how to do fashionable and beautiful hair for average hair.

It is required to you

  • Elastic bands, hairbrushes, hairpins – invisible beings, varnish. The hairstyle which carries the name Frenchwoman perfectly will be suitable for hair of average length.


  1. It is absolutely simple to do this hair in house conditions. If all necessary at us near at hand, then we start. Decide on hair parting. It is direct, side and zigzag.
  2. On hair parting hurt hair into two parts. Collect one part in elastic band. Divide the second part of hair into three parts and begin to braid the French braid, alternately on both sides taking locks. On the other hand weave the same braid.
  3. In neck braid hair in the standard way. Unite braids which at you have turned out about neck and fix by hairpins – invisible beings.
  4. Slightly apply small amount of varnish on the turned-out hairstyle, and then extend locks on each side. Here at us the beautiful and fashionable hairstyle for half an hour has also turned out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team