How to do beautiful hair on final

How to do beautiful hair on final

For each girl is final day when there is a wish to be the most beautiful and to attract delighted looks. The important moment is the hairstyle which can be made in house conditions.

To decide on style

To start hairstyle for final, for a start it is necessary to be defined approximately that you want: to the classic or something extravagant, flowing hair or the removed, high hairstyles or various braids. If to try a little, it is possible to do beautiful hair independently, it is not difficult at all.

In order that the hairstyle looked more effectively, try various hairpins, crests, rims with flowers and without. Surely select hairstyle after buy dress. It is better to make trial option some days before final.

Hairstyle for final on flowing hair

If you want to leave let hair down, do yourself hair in retro style with use of rim with flowers. For this purpose separate bang and small amount of front locks, having combed them down on the person, and fix them by elastic band or hairpin. Make good pile on the rest of hair, fix it by varnish and cast away bang back. Accurately brush hair that the smooth magnificent hairstyle has turned out. For end of image put on hard rim with flowers in tone to your dress.

Romantic classics

The classical option is twisting of locks at temples. You take temporal locks, you twist them and you take away back. Flagellums can be fixed by beautiful hairpin or to tie into unusual knot, and under them to twist hair by means of the curling iron. Such type of hairstyle looks very gently and romantically and best of all is suitable for those who have chosen dress in the Greek style.

Extravagant bow

If you like to surprise and are not afraid of extravagance, make to yourself bow of hair. It looks brightly and effectively and is absolute hit in this season. To collect hair in magnificent bow, at first divide hair into two parts by means of thin hairbrush or special adaptation. The line of division has to pass horizontally, but not as usual hair parting. It will also define location of your bow. Fix the lower part by means of elastic band or hairpin, you will return to it at the very end of the work. Comb front lock, tie it elastic band, and then throw hair through palm and push them under elastic band so that the sticking-out tips made about a third of lock. At you some kind of loop from hair which needs to be divided into two parts has to turn out and to straighten so that beautiful magnificent parts of bow have turned out. Put the sticking-out tips in the middle of your bow, having fixed them by hairpin or the invisible being. Record the received hairstyle hairspray. We come back to the lower part of your head of hear. Remove elastic band and wind curls on the curling iron. If you do not want the lower part to remain dismissed, at the first stage take away all hair in tail – such option will be quicker, and the result – is not less attractive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team