How to do biowave

How to do biowave

The chemical wave has been invented at the beginning of the XX century. Likely, on light there is no owner of straight hair who at least once in life on would like to twist them. It is desirable not to injure hair at the same time. At the beginning of the XXI century it has become possible because there was sparing hairdressing - biowave. So, what is necessary that your dream of fine curls was fulfilled?


  1. First, elect the master to whom you are ready to entrust your hair. The result will depend on his professionalism.
  2. Consult with your hairdresser what structure for wave to choose. What components have to enter it that it has approached your type of hair.
  3. If your hair are injured, it does not mean at all that biohairdressing not for you. However for the best result hold at first one or several professional sessions of hair recovery, depending on damage rate.
  4. Select wave not only according to styles, but also taking into account your face type. Before making biowave, consult to the master. He will help to choose the correct size of curls (if necessary, several sizes) and the optimum length of hair.
  5. Remember the main rule: the more small than features, the less there has to be curl. The exception is made by brunettes by nature, owners of swarty skin, massive features and chubby lips. If your appearance such is, you can safely choose small, so-called, negroid curl.
  6. If you the owner of the extended thin person, then are able to afford abrupt curls on hair of various length, including bang. To pear-shaped face you will choose direct wave on caret to cheekbone level. The hat from vertical curls of two and more than sizes perfectly will approach triangular face.
  7. Choosing shape of curl, consider also hair color. If you the owner of black or red hair, can safely choose any size because on hair of these flowers also small demon, and large curls perfectly look. If your hair of light brown, fair-haired or chestnut color, stop the choice on large curl or wave. If you the bright blonde, choose the most natural wave. However if in addition to blond you have also ideal features, can experiment with small curlies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team