How to do braids

How to do braids

Braids were always relevant way of laying of long hair. By means of braids it is possible to make both simple hairstyles for every day, and festive, with addition of curls or accessories.


  1. The usual braid is called cone, it trudges two locks of hair. Peremenno shift small part of hair from one lock in another. The braids weaved out of four or five locks are original. In this case spin them separately, considering feature – they have one general lock which is in the middle of weaving.
  2. The so-called Greek braid enjoys special popularity. Apply small amount of skin or mousse for laying on the moist washed-up hair. Dry their phenom. Then divide hair into two parts cross hair parting – from ear to ear. That the remained mass of hair did not disturb further, fix it by clip. Then allocate lock of hair over the left ear, divide it into three parts and begin to spin usual cone, adding at the same time serially new locks, on the right and at the left. That it was more convenient, comb all front part of mass of hair in the direction of weaving of braid. Bring cone to the right ear. Then from the remained mass of hair braid the ordinary spit. Disguise its tip by means of hairpins. It is possible to leave the others hair down let, their combination to the Greek braid looks very effectively.
  3. Weaving of braids fish tail does not take a lot of time though from outside and it seems that to make similar with own hands it is just impossible. Divide hair into two equal parts on parting in the middle. Take thin lock of hair from the left part and connect to part from right. Then allocate thin lock on the right side of head of hear and connect to similar of left. Continue so until the end of length of hair. Such hairstyle by the form very much reminds fish tail.
  4. Braids dragon create illusion of magnificent hairstyle, they trudge at distance of five - six centimeters from the line of growth of hair. Make horizontal hair parting, divide the lock formed in front into 3 parts and begin to spin usual braid. In process of weaving take by means of hairbrush a few free hair from each party and add them to the main spit. When the braid is ready, fix it by elastic band and start weaving of following. Wrap the turned-out mass of braids inside or collect on nape to one big spit. This type of weaving suits owners of hair of average length.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team