How to do curls by irons

How to do curls by irons

Curls and curls again at the height of fashion. They visually increase splendor of hair, pointing to their healthy state, give to image of the girl romanticism, femininity. It is possible to make independently in house conditions curls the iron.

It is required to you

  • The iron for hair, shampoo and balm or hair conditioner, crest or hairbrush, clips, mirror, styling foam, hairspray.


  1. Wash up hair shampoo. Apply on them balm or the conditioner for protection against future thermal influence. Wash away, dry hair carefully. It is desirable to dry hair not phenom, and on air less to injure them.
  2. Apply skin or styling mousse on hair. Especially plentifully grease with means tips of hair which are quicker dried up when using heating devices. Meanwhile strongly warm the iron up to the maximum temperature.
  3. Comb hair brush or hairbrush. Raise upper part of hair upward and fix by clips. Begin to wind hair on the iron from the lower locks. For this purpose take each lock hand and delay from the head, having raised. Vertically put the iron and take lock at roots. Wind the remained free part of hair around the iron, leaving its tip free.
  4. Smoothly (without breakthroughs creating on zaloma hair) conduct the iron along all lock, evenly heating it. Bring to the end and carefully exempt from hair. You will see that at you the hard and beautiful curl has turned out.
  5. Make similar manipulations with all lower part of hair, separating from them locks. When they everything are wound, sprinkle them it is a little delicious. Lower upper part of hair and wind it now. For convenience fix not wound still upper locks above the head clips.
  6. When all hair are wound, hang the head down, drench curls it is slightly delicious. Cast away hair back. Straighten until varnish has dried, hair as you will consider necessary. You can apply in addition crests, hairpins, fixing curls on the head. Upon termination of all hairstyle once again record varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team