How to do curls by the curling iron

How to do curls by the curling iron

Many owners of straight hair dream of curls. Presently there is set of various ways to make hair curly. For example, you can make it by means of the curling iron. It is not too difficult and effective method of creation of magnificent hairstyle.

It is required to you

  • The curling iron, and also holding hairspray, wax for hair and mirror. Also in process you need clip for hair and hairbrush with rare cloves. So settle more conveniently and start.


  1. Turn on the curling iron in the socket and wait until it well is warmed. Then separate upper part of hair and collect them by clip on the head. Hang down there has to be only small part of locks.
  2. Separate small curl about 2 cm from the lower layer of hair. Sprinkle it varnish, and then accurately reel up on the curling iron, beginning from roots of hair and finishing with tips. Wait 3-4 minutes and accurately remove lock from the curling iron.
  3. Leave the turned-out curly and you pass to following. In such a way twist locks of hair on all head. Once again spray hair varnish in order that your curls were not dismissed.
  4. Pick up hairbrush and begin to comb slowly and accurately your hair. They have to take more natural form and be created in beautiful curls.
  5. Then take wax for hair dressing and impose on your curls. It becomes to remove excessive fluffiness of hair and to stick together hair in separate curls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team