How to do drainage massage

How to do drainage massage

In cold season when epidemic of catarrhal and bronchopulmonary diseases begins, topical issue how to treat or reduce painful manifestations. Has perfectly proved drainage massage – effective remedy against the exhausting catarrhal cough and bronchitis. The main thing to be able it is correct to carry out it.


  1. Before massage session surely bath the patient in the bathroom (warm, but is not hotter!). Do not do drainage massage during fever and also in the morning after meal. Surely after the end of procedure wrap up the person in woolen blanket, plaid or shawl. Let's it lie down so not less than half an hour.
  2. You carry out massage twice a day. The morning session has to be carried out on an empty stomach, and evening before withdrawal for sleeping, after bathtub and dinner. Begin massage in 15-25 minutes after the person eats.
  3. Water in the bathroom needs to be heated gradually that by the end of water procedures it was about 40 wasps. It is necessary then is good to be wiped by towel. Then start massage.
  4. Lay the patient on stomach, having enclosed the convenient roller under neck. The face has to be turned down, at the same time he has to without effort and to breathe discomfort. Slightly stroke along back and on edges, and then recede from vertebra on both sides on two fingers and begin the pinching from time to time movements. Move wavy towards neck and shoulders from the middle of back. Such waves you need to make twenty.
  5. Now recede on the same distance (in two fingers), and then repeat twenty more waves. Massaging in the second approach will be on each side, but try not to bring waves to axillary hollows.
  6. The following approach warming. The palms which are densely pressed to back walk twenty times, doing the pounding movements. The direction of your palms has to be to shoulders, but not from shoulders.
  7. The final stage – vibration. Deliver to palm edge and begin percussions on diagonal. Blows have to fall on scapular part of back (obliquely). The direction similar – to shoulders. The general duration of drainage massage – 15-20 minutes.
  8. Surely air the room before the procedure. After drainage it is good to put compress. Let the patient will lie down in warm bed half an hour after massage, wrapped up in woolen cover.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team