How to do fashionable hair

How to do fashionable hair

Girls want to be stylish and to spend for it as little as possible time. However the fashionable hairstyle can be built also the hands, having spent for it 10-15 minutes. Having a little trained, you will look not worse than if have visited salon.

It is required to you

  • - hair dryer;
  • - iron for straightening;
  • - elastic bands;
  • - hairpins;
  • - mousse;
  • - the fixing means.


  1. Owners of short hairstyles can build artistic mess on the head. For this purpose dry up phenom moist hair, without using at the same time hairbrush, and just touching locks hands. Set the received result by varnish. In order that the image became even brighter, you can add several artificial locks of bright colors.
  2. The naturalness always is fashionable. And such natural hairstyle can be created in ten minutes. Dry up hair as it is pleasant to you more, set result by light mousse. Take several locks and allocate them with gel with strong fixing. At the same time they can be twisted slightly.
  3. The horse tail from hairstyle of diligent schoolgirls has turned into glamourous trend. To build similar tail at itself on the head, add by means of round brush-massazhki volume on the top, and then tighten nape hair hard elastic band. If you carry bang, it is desirable to straighten or comb it sideways. If you want to give to hairstyle bigger volume, then fingers extend hair on the top a little. You can leave several locks free. Fix the turned-out hairstyle by spray or varnish with fixing.
  4. To make fashionable bunch, hairpins will in addition be necessary for you for hair. In the beginning build horse tail on the head, having intercepted hair at the basis elastic band, and then wrap tail spiral and fix it by hairpins. For reliability you can strengthen hairstyle the fixing varnish.
  5. Voluminous hair on nape, but smooth in front – one more fashionable trend of the current season. Straighten bang. Apply a little mousse on moist hair in the field of darkness and dry their phenom, having created additional volume. After that comb hair by means of soft brush back and fix them by hairpins slightly below than the top. Record the remained hair so that they covered hairpins. Shake up hairstyle fingers and use varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team