How to do fashionable hair of the house

How to do fashionable hair of the house

The hairstyle is capable to change appearance of any woman, and correctly picked up hairstyle can favourably emphasize its advantages and beauty. To do beautiful and stylish hair, it is not obligatory to visit stylists and to use their expensive services. You can quite do number of fashionable hair independently in house conditions.


  1. Effectively and romantically on any woman magnificent curls look. It is very simple to do such hair – prepare hairbrush with the thin handle for allocation of locks, the curling iron, varnish for laying and scrunchy. By means of elastic band collect hair in tail on the top, and then apply on them varnish for laying.
  2. Smooth hairstyle, and then begin to allocate separate locks from tail and wind them on the curling iron, processing it is delicious. Continue to wind on the curling iron the remained locks from tail until all hairstyle is ready. Sprinkle each curl varnish to strengthen fixing.
  3. One more fashionable and universal hairstyle which will be suitable for any event is accurate bunch of hair on nape. Comb hair smoothly back, having created hair parting, sprinkle them varnish and collect on nape in tail which, in turn, process skin for laying.
  4. Twist tail in dense plait and accurately lay it around elastic band in bunch. Fix bunch by means of invisible beings or decorative hairpins. Decorate bunch with beads or flowers if hairstyle festive, or leave it smooth if you go to business meeting.
  5. The hairstyle imitating effect of wet hair is popular. It is possible to make it in only a few minutes – for this purpose you need the hair dryer with nozzle diffuser and mousse for laying. Moisten hair with spray and apply on them mousse, and then serially separate locks and rumple them palms. Record the crumpled locks and dry by means of the diffuser. Sprinkle ready hairstyle varnish for fixing.
  6. Besides current trends, hairstyles in retro style return to fashion. Favourably and unusually the hairstyle with the hair raised on nape and bang decorated with bow or flowers looks. Sprinkle short hair mousse for laying and make pile on nape, and twist long hair in plait and pin up on nape shell.
  7. Comb bang and also record mousse for laying. It can be direct or slanted and also the bang can be twisted that on its end the curl was formed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team