How to do foot massage

How to do foot massage

Foot massage is several types, the most widespread – weakening and medical. The distinctive feature of these procedures is that in the weakening massage the stroking movements, and in medical - puddling for strengthening of muscles prevail.


  1. Whatever type of massage you have chosen, it is necessary to do it correctly, observing elements of massage procedures. It is also very important to pick up the correct cream or oil: the consistence of these substances should not be too fat since at fat lubricant of hand will only slide on the surface of skin, and it will be difficult to promassirovat muscles and to activate blood-groove in legs. Significant amount of oil can be used only at some types of the weakening foot massage.
  2. Remember that at massage "on dry" the upper layer of epidermis is exfoliated, there are microinjuries because of skin grinding which can be infected further and then inflammatory rash will develop. Surely consider how long hair are standing shaved – in places of their growth after recent shaving there are already small wounds which are easily irritated therefore you apply the moisturizing oils with the easy massing movements.
  3. Foot massage is done on lymph current, i.e. for the main massing movements choose the direction from foot to groin. Observance of the right direction will help you to get rid quickly of hypostases by activization of blood-groove and, therefore, improvement of exchange processes in fabrics. Opposite movements can be used only at easy massaging and stroking. Cross deep movements will help to strengthen muscles of legs, and superficial lungs "strikhoobrazny" lead to relaxation of muscles.
  4. At massage use 4 types of action – the stroking, grinding, puddling and movements leading to vibration of fabrics. Stroking allows the person to relax and be prepared for massage. When you do foot massage, in the direction of lymph flow iron more confident movements, pressing palm a little, and in the return - only slightly.
  5. At the next stage of massage warm skin and muscles by means of grinding. Try to use a little moisturizing cream, then process of activization of blood-groove in the lower extremities will become soon noticeable. Its sign – weak reddening of skin which to the touch becomes warmer. After grinding make several stroking movements. At the weakening massage alternate grinding to stroking several times.
  6. In medical massage use puddling, i.e. deeper impact on muscles more. For puddling use movements at which there is squeezing of skin to the subject fabrics, these movements remind shchipaniye all hand or mixing of the test. Puddling surely alternates with deep stroking in the direction from foot up since at massage the metabolism in fabrics becomes active, and stroking allows to improve peripheral blood-groove at which cages are saturated with nutritious elements. Disintegration products at the same time "are quicker expelled" from interfabric liquid.
  7. If you carry out the massage procedure for the person for the first time, for certain he will feel morbidity therefore the procedure should not be long. Increase procedure time at each session. If you intend to do 10 sessions of massage, from the 8th time reduce duration again.
  8. The last stage of the massage procedure – vibration. At this stage you can accurately clap legs, but palms have to be not flat, and are bent in the form of dome, brushes are weakened, "work" only elbow joints. The essence of vibration is that at cotton force of blow of air about skin activates blood-groove in deep muscular layers.

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