How to do good hair

How to do good hair

Even if you have opportunity to visit hairdressing salon several times a week, it is good to be able to do if necessary to himself hair independently. Sometimes it is necessary to change image by means of laying unexpectedly and quickly, the poet ability to give to hair the form independently, without someone's help, it is useful always. The hairstyle has to be combined with clothes, to be simple and fast performed by and also convenient.


  1. Give to hair volume. It is great way of fast hair dressing which will instantly change your look. Clean moist hair dry phenom. Apply skin or mousse for laying on roots. Wind hair on large hair curlers, delaying them up. Once again dry phenom. Remove hair curlers and give to hair the form fingers. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish.
  2. Faster option of creation of radical volume is to apply skin or mousse on moist hair and to dry hair, having hung the head down. For creation of light waviness, shake up the ends during drying by fingers. After hair have dried, create hairstyle fingers without application of hairbrush.
  3. Create romantic curls for tenderness of image. For this hairstyle use hair curlers of the average size. Apply means for laying on moist hair and wind locks on hair curlers. Dry hair phenom and remove hair curlers. In order that curls did not get out of shape, do not comb hair, and create hairstyle fingers.
  4. Straighten hair the iron. Straight, smooth and shiny hairs will never get out of fashion. Quickly to straighten hair, wind the dried-up locks on large hair curlers velcros. After that remove hair curlers in turn, straightening irons lock behind lock. Sprinkle the straightened hair the fixing varnish. After several trainings the process of straightening will take you no more than ten minutes.
  5. Comb hair smoothly back for severity of image. If you have no time for washing of the head, it is possible to make horse tail, having smoothly combed hair. That separate locks were not beaten out during the day from tail, apply mousse or gel on the combed hair.
  6. Great option of daily hairstyle - braid. The truth to learn to braid them beautifully, can be required a lot of time and forces. It is possible to use and simpler option - to decorate with thin braids flowing hair. Braid two thin braids from temples and fix them by hairpin on nape. So flowing hair will not disturb you during the day. It is possible to make rim of own hair braided in thin braid - such hairstyle looks originally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team