How to do hair Amazon

How to do hair Amazon

In ancient myths the female soldiers skillfully combined force and endurance with appeal and seducement. Their hair have been decorated with various bandages and braids. In the modern world of hairstyle, the warriors reminding image, call Amazon.

Hairstyle Amazon

It is not necessary to be the female soldier at all to do to itself such hair. Slightly negligent braids and beautiful bandages perfectly will be suitable for creation of similar image which main idea is the naturalness and naturalness.

Traditionally are engaged in creation of image of the amazon on wavy, voluminous, long hair, but there are options and for direct heads of hear. There are several options of this hairstyle, and, do it most often with tails or braids.

Simple option for straight hair

The usual tail and several small elastic bands will allow you to create interesting and original image. If your hair wavy, it is necessary to straighten them by means of the iron. Then they should be smeared with gel and to divide into three parts. The first part consists of the hair at forehead going prior to the beginning of nape, the second – to its middle, and the third – all this the remained locks. Make tail of the first part of hair and carefully comb it. Then connect locks of the second zone to the turned-out tail so that between elastic bands the roller fixed on both sides was formed. Repeat the same with the rest of hair. Well comb tail and put on it elastic bands through each 5 cm. As a result at you the braid with rollers will turn out. Such hairstyle perfectly will be suitable for appointment, walk with friends or to evening dress.

Creative cone with bandage

The similar braid is brought most closer to image of the amazon. It becomes absolutely simply. It is desirable to apply wax on hair to prevent dispersal of locks. On nape make low tail and divide it into two equal parts. Take small lock on the left side and obkrutita it both thick locks so that the eight has turned out. When the thin lock ends, add to it a few hair from thick locks. Having stopped spinning, fix braid by the elastic band suitable to hair color. Fluff up curls for giving to hairstyle of more independent and impudent air a little, having pulled for each lock of braid up to the volume necessary for you. Finished image will be made by wide bandage on forehead.

Flowing hair with rim cone

The similar hairstyle is suitable for curly hair more. If your straight hair, twirl them on large hair curlers. Then separate on one lock at each temple. Braid each of them in cone and fasten them among themselves around nape. Thin lock wrap elastic band, tousle hairstyle a little and sprinkle everything varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team