How to do hair, as at Lera Kozlova

How to do hair, as at Lera Kozlova

Each girl dreams to stand out from the crowd. On what only tricks do not go! Both bright extraordinary make-up, and exclusive clothes, and non-standard hairstyles. Lera Kozlova has surpassed all, having decided to change cardinally image and to fix thus eyes of millions of people. Great number of girls were surprised to such courageous decision and follow example of Lera.

It is required to you

  • Long hair, courage, the machine for hairstyle of hair.


  1. If attentively to look at Lera's photos, then it becomes clear that such hair is not difficult to be done at all. For a start will not prevent to bring hair into normal view with the help of hair-dye. Color has to turn out monophonic. After painting hair to dry phenom.
  2. Then accurately to divide hair, having made hair parting on the right side. To collect the hair which have remained at the left by hairpin. To take the machine for hairstyle of hair, to adjust nozzle length 3 mm and to shave hair on the right side the machine the pinned-up hair.
  3. The shaved part of the head quite extensive therefore to close it the remained hair will hardly turn out. But to combine laying it is possible to braid in different ways, for example, one braid on the left part of the head or to make high tail. And it is possible to wind on curl, then beautiful curls will frame face only on the one hand.
  4. During the summer period of time it is possible naplest of African braids to add to novelty hairstyle. The slanting bang in total with shaven temple also will be suitable for especially extraordinary persons, shorter party for symmetry has to be on the right.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team